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Unusual flags



Hedda lifts Bangalas flag when she sails :)


 Now it is 2018

To get to Lake Mälaren you have to take the boat on Arboga river.

It is 17 kilometer / 9,18 nmi.
I think I counted correctly.....

Lake Mälaren is Swedens 3d largest lake......
1 140 km²

Kungsör, Västerås, Sundbyholm, Bålsta, Sandviken and Kungsholmen
measure water level and water quality


 We move slowly down the river with this Nyman aircooled outbord from 1971.

We have a "new" outbord now!!!!!!!

Arboga river turns around like a snake is hard to sail on.












 A nice slideshow Arboga River below made by my wife.....

My wife likes to photograph flowers, birds, clouds and cows :)


But first steamboat history....


Yngve Frey was the first steamer in traffic on Arboga River and took

passengers to Stockholm from 1821.

Overnight stay in Västerås......



There were five steamers in Stockholm.....


Josephine,with 50 horsepower for 700 passengers

Stockholm,with 50 horsepower for 300 passengers

Uppsala,with 16 horsepower for 200 passengers

Yngve Frey,with 22 horsepower for 300 passengers

Föreningen,with 44 horsepower for 350 passengers


Samuel Owen an influential Englishman

stood as designer of the mechanical equipment


  Down the Arboga river in Yngve Freys footprints



And then there was a problem with the outboard engine...

AGAIN !!!!




 168 hours on the lake Mälaren approximately 75 nmi...

I think I counted correctly....

No long sailing but with many adventures......

A cold and windy "autumn" trip - wind chill

Wind-chill or windchill, (popularly wind chill factor) is the

lowering of body temperature due to the passing-flow

of lower-temperature air

10 second/meter and 10+ Celsius = 6+ Celsius

Feels in the body after a couple of hours :-(

I forgot my flotation suit at home a terrible mistake.....










Now the boats are in our garden.

I happened to shut down the
ultrasound machine that
keeps rats and mice away
from the boat a few days before

A big mistake !!!!

We have big cornfields next to our marina
and rats, field vole and mice live there.

The whole boat smelled rat and mouse piss!!!

I bought 4 bottles vinegar essence and sprayed
all the fabric in the boat.
I smelled like pickled cucumber afterwards :-)

Next step after a few days 

Rubicson Jonisator

Now the boat HEDDA smells like usual.......

A slideshow Oppboga 2018-10-07
below made by my wife.....

We live in small village OPPBOGA on the countryside.

Anchor light

I made this one a few years ago and it worked well.
In my workshop I found.....

An empty jam jar
with lid......

White light LED

Silicone to seal with....

Now the boat is in our garden.

nd in the dark winter night anchor light shines
like the star of Bethlehem

Swedish Christmas song "Betlehems stjärna" (Star of Betlehem) also known as "Gläns över sjö och strand" (Glisten Over Lake and Shore), which is composed by Ivar Widéen, and the lyrics are written by Viktor Rydberg. The lyrics are initially a poem written by Viktor Rydberg in 1891, and since then, many musicians have set it to music. The two most known versions of it (as far as I know) are composed by Alice Tegnér and Ivar Widéen.